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Food sensitivities

Have you noticed you experience bloating or diarrhea when you eat bread or take milk? This could be a sign you have developed a sensitivity to gluten and dairy.

Too often I hear of people avoiding gluten and dairy to minimize the discomfort of eating them. Many have done it so long, its become a habit or lifestyle change.

I am here to dispel that myth that having a food sensitivity does not mean you have to avoid these foods forever. In my clinical experience, I have found that understanding why you have developed this reaction and correcting your digestive function, can mean you can enjoy these foods again!

First let me explain why this is happening so frequently in the general population.

1. Compromised gut function

This topic will be covered extensively in another post. In summary, due to our general diet patterns of inflammatory oils and high stress lifestyles, our ability to digest and absorb appropriately has been reduced. Poor digestion results in larger protein molecules

2. Imbalanced gut bacteria

3. Lack of key nutrients


Functional Nutrition Strategies

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